Refurbished Furniture Ideas-“Finding Activities You Enjoy”

Refurbished Furniture Ideas-

“Finding Activities You Enjoy”





    Heidi McLellan discovered a new passion for

                 refurbishing furniture in her spare time….

Who Is Heidi Anyway???
This week, I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight someone who has found an exciting niche on her off time from being a real estate agent! Her name is Heidi McLellan and I asked if it would be ok to feature some of her recent projects:) Heidi has been a great friend of mine since 1999, and currently works for Coldwell Banker. In fact I’m pretty sure my house was the first one she sold…your welcome Heidi:) Like most of us, we work our normal jobs to pay the bills, but there always seems to be that one thing that catches our interest. It doesn’t have to be a money making idea. For Heidi, this is more of a stress relieving project or hobby that she just ENJOYS!

How Did This All Come About?

One day Heidi and I actually managed to meet up for lunch and got talking about activities we would like to explore, Something different than our everyday jobs. My interest consisted of a brick and mortar home décor store or some type of store based on holistics etc.

Considering the cost of startup and time, my Oak & Chisel Home Decor website was the logical choice. For Heidi, refurbishing furniture is a time that allows her to do something relaxing and exciting. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the outcome of a project after all? When first talking with Heidi, she confessed to enjoying the outcome of the projects she was creating but I don’t think she was confident in her skills enough to want to sell to the public. After finishing a few items, I’m recognizing a girl who really likes what she’s doing! I have to say, I think she’s gained a little confidence in her work:) Maybe we’ll see some of it for sale one day. Way to go Heidi! We recently discussed her interest in opening a brick and mortar store, but as of yet it doesn’t exist. So, being as though I have conveniently created my home décor website at the opportune time of her creating these awesome projects, I’ve had the privilege to get my hands on a few pics. Now I’m not going to lie, I plan to have her do a piece or two for me as soon as I figure out what I’m looking for!


Where to Find Similar Items

Many stores sell home decor products like these, and I suppose it doesn’t matter whom you purchase them from as long as the pieces have some sort of special meaning or make sense in the space your trying to style. I find many items on websites like Kirkland’s that are similar to items like Heidi’s.


Interested in Being Featured?
Interested in being featured on Oak & Chisel Home Decor to show off your refurbished furniture ideas? Reach out to me through my contact information below and let me know what great and interesting home decor projects you have going on!

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