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Home Renovation Ideas and Pictures-Featured Person of the Week

Home Renovation Ideas and Pictures


“Kampfer Woodworks”


William (Bill) Kampfer

Owner of Kampfer Woodworks

 Cabinet Installer/Trim Carpenter


Choosing Who To Trust

Kampfer Woodworks owned by William (Bill) Kampfer for 14 years was nice enough to give me a tour and sneak peek into his recent project on a house in the Davsion area. Bill recently renovated a house given to the owner (Gordi), by his parents, that was in great need for a renovation!

Oddly enough, as I stood in this house I realized I actually knew the owner and had previously been on the property.  I thought that to be quite funny as I met his (new to me) wife:) She walked me though the house reminiscing on what used to be and explained what now is.

I must say, I like her style (it is much like my own) and was able to ask some questions regarding the company name, color, and style of not only the cupboards, but also where she purchased a few of the items she incorporated into this renovation.

What’s New?

Kampfer Woodworks seems to have transformed this old house in need of a major facelift, into the modern world of comfort while incorporating an absolute stunning kitchen and dining room. With the help of the homeowners, Bill has transformed an enclosed patio into a beautiful dining room that consisted of removing a wall, moving a window, and adding a sliding door. By doing this, Bill has ensured an abundant amount of lighting throughout the kitchen and dining room area while giving an astounding view of nature in the backyard.

Making Design Choices

Mixture of light and dark cabinets with accent lighting.

Bill has also taken on the great challenge of renovating the kitchen with a light and dark mix of cupboards and a beautiful countertop to complete the project. Accent details such as lighting and cupboard knobs were also added to complete the look.



Sentimental Value….Keeping the Old

Designing a style that worked with the original range hood.

The range hood in this particular project was of  sentimental importance to the owners who requested Bill incorporate it into the project. This particular range hood was the original in the house and held a special place in the homeowners heart. Overall, Bill and the owners did a great job at coming up with a design that looks great and allows it to be implemented into the new theme.

Barn Door Style With A Twist!

One of my particular favorites in the kitchen is this pantry door! I love the idea of a barn door style with a little twist. The owner said it took her a while to decide on exactly what she wanted, and found this particular door that she felt worked great. I have to agree, I love this idea of a pantry door that covers whats inside of the panty but also offers more style than a plain door.

Similar Options

You can create a look similar to this renovation style by accenting with a few pieces selectively chosen such as this Farmstead Wooden Barn Door Clock that keeps the same theme as the barn door style pantry the homeowners incorporated in this remodel. Another option for the kitchen is this Open Cage Black Square Pendant Light similar to the one installed in the pictures above!


Open Cage Black Square Pendant Light
Farmstead Wooden Barn Door Clock