Home and Interior Design Ideas-What Is My Style?

Home and Interior Design Ideas

What Is My Style?

Where Do Our Home and Interior Design Ideas Originate From?

How do you determine your style or taste of home decor? I firmly believe as we grow older and wiser, so too does our taste in home decor and style. How many of us grew up styling our first apartment or starter home very similar to our parents taste? Does this come from the environment in which we were raised? Or have we not developed our own sense of style yet?

What Sources Do We Often Use To Decide On Home Decor?

Most often multiple types of sources are used for gaining insight into what type of style piques our interest when it comes to decorating our homes and personal spaces. The list below is only a few of the possible sources you may have used to decorate your own personal space.

  • Magazines
  • Pictures
  • Furniture Stores
  • Websites/Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Brick and Mortar Stores

Factors That Influence Your Choice

Factors that influence how you know a style is “the one” will often check all the boxes for you. Many of us consider the creation of an inviting and comfortable space to be a top priority. A space that promotes relaxation and removes stress and worries that have accumulated throughout the day, are highly desired outcomes when choosing furniture, lighting, linen, and accent pieces. Spaces that combine pleasing furniture, lighting, linen and accent pieces often leave us feeling uplifted and calm.

Indecision Regarding Your Style?

Ever had an issue with liking two different styles and wondered how the heck am I supposed to decide on what type of theme my personal space is supposed to be? Well your not alone. Take me for example. I like farmhouse but also like some modern too. I don’t especially care for a space consisting of completely modern, but I do prefer a modern farmhouse over just a farmhouse. Whatever your preference in taste, mixing two styles can actually be a great way to get the best of both worlds!

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or does everyone “just know” when a style “feels right”? For me, when I see an accent piece or a specific piece of furniture like this Antique Cream Sliding Door Franklin Cabinet from Kirkland’s, I just seem to know that the specific piece “feels right”. It’s our basic intuition and I base all my home decor decisions on how I feel when I see the piece that I am honing in on.

Antique Cream Sliding Door Franklin Cabinet

What Motivates Us To Switch Style?

What motivates us to switch up our styles? This is my world as I type! Half my house is Traditional and half is Modern Farmhouse! What the heck right??? From my first house, I remember having a traditional style, but over the years I feel not only has my personality changed (For the better I hope), but so has my taste in decor. Why? Well I actually believe it might have something to do with maturity honestly. The more I mature, the more I find what “speaks” to me when it comes to decor.

When I first started out in an apartment, I was young and therefore just bought decor I liked that was in a 20-year olds budget. As time went on, I bought my first house….still in my 20’s and well same thing, same budget. Although my style was branching out a little bit, it was basically the same. A few houses later, and in my 40’s, I am now finding things that are more eye pleasing and give me a sense of comfort, relaxation, and contentment.

The Take Away…

Styles and tastes change over time when it comes to home decor, and it’s perfectly normal if your like me and in the middle of a complete do over! Go with what feels good to you and makes you comfortable and happy in your chosen space. Don’t be afraid to mix up themes as long as you’re choosing pieces that you love! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to making YOUR space what you want and love!

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