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Home Decor Niche-Moving Forward

Home Decor Niche

So you’re bored with you’re current job or you are currently unemployed. I found myself in this position recently. Currently employed in the medical field but having a great interest in home decor, left me feeling empty and wanting to pursue this area of interest in some way that would be fulfilling but also help support me. I thought of opening a brick and mortar and selling home decor in my own little store, but the thought of having to pay rent for a building and not knowing whether it would “take off”, quite frankly scared the crap out of me! The idea of getting in debt made me stay in my current field, and abandon my idea of doing something I really liked and found satisfying. I researched a few other avenues like designing, staging houses, and drop shipping with no real realistic vision of what would work for me. As I was searching for some type of alternative to all these options, I decided to create a website to help myself and others find great home decor products that would allow my audience to be linked to stores with home decor that I found to be tasteful and stylish. And….here we are!

My Vision

I thought starting off my first article of my vision for my site could be fitting. Although I think this site will take a lot more work than I originally planned, I’m hoping to build more creative and interesting content as time goes by. My hopes are to find great resources to link my audience to while bringing some insight into other aspects of home decor. Like all “newbies” I expect to be a little rusty at first but have no doubt I’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest part in my opinion. Figuring out how to explore the topic of home decor while also incorporating a way to help others who are looking for a specific item or look to make their project or home comfortable and cozy, was a little difficult. I always appreciate when someone directs me to a new store I was completely oblivious too! It’s like a whole new world I didn’t know existed. I decided to just take the leap and dive in and let what happens, happen. Once I discovered the avenue I would use to create Oak & Chisel Home Decor, I got to work and created this website you’re visiting now. As I sit here still working on my first real post, I have a positive outlook for the future of my new company! I’ve decided to live in the moment and take one day at a time. I want to enjoy my new adventure and not feel “tied down” to the process like I do with my medical career. This…is something to enjoy and not feel pressured to do.


Exploring other avenues to pursue my interest in home decor is proving to be an exciting time for me. Having the resources to bring links to beautiful decor for my audience to discover is exciting. Nothing feels better than the ability to help those who are looking to make their vision of a space or project, complete. Moving forward, I am confident I will bring great topics of discussion to Oak & Chisel Home Decor and am excited to discover more resources to share with you.