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Oak & Chisel Home Decor

Taking A New Leap!

Welcome to my exciting new website! I look forward to getting to know my new audience as Oak & Chisel Home Decor gains popularity in the Home Decor realm:) My name is Jacqueline Rinker and I have spent most of my career in the medical field. As I continue to strive for the finish line of my Family Nurse Practitioner degree, I have found that there are more dimensions to me than the medical field (who would have known!). Home Decor has been a huge niche of mine that I have always wanted to explore. So, recently I listened to that “inner nagging” and decided to take the LEAP and branch out of my current career! We in the medical field are the ultimate multitasker’s anyway aren’t we?? So… Today as I take my new LEAP into a niche that I have wanted to break into for the longest time, I welcome you with the highest intentions of linking you, my audience, to content and home decor products that I hope you will enjoy and find inspiring:)

Helping YOU Helps ME…

I think it goes without saying that helping others is just in my nature. I find that in my current career field, STRESS is no stranger to my everyday life. Creating a space using Home Decor is my hobby away from stress and allows me to disengage from the issues of everyday life that cause me to feel burned out and exhausted! Creating comfortable and cozy spaces within my home allows me to unplug from stress. I have created Oak & Chisel Home Decor in an attempt to create the same “disengagement of everyday stress” with hope that it will have the same comforting and cozy effect on you, as it does on me. I want you to know you are allowed to do something you find enjoyable, such as creating a beautiful living room or dining room space to promote relaxation in any environment you spend time in. It is exciting and gratifying to feel the success of completing the “vision” of a room well done!

Is Home Decor Our Common NICHE?

I myself spend many hours looking for Home Decor that is my style, theme, and most of all affordable! I’ll be the first to admit I’m cheap but don’t want my room to LOOK cheap! Aren’t we all just looking for a deal?? I like to look at multiple Home Decor sites for inspiration to get a feel for what I am trying to create in my own home. I also like to check out some new creative DIY projects for inspiration and ideas. Discovering new avenues of inspiration for finding that one perfect item to make my room complete, is always satisfying for me:) Whether your goal is finding inspiration, someone who is creative and all about getting your hands dirty in a DIY project, or just looking for a link to some great Home Decor products, I’m hoping to bring you what you are searching for!

My Goal…

My goal is to bring my audience (YOU), access to multiple Home Decor products that allow you to create the vision you are searching for. So, I thank you for taking the time to visit Oak & Chisel Home Decor and welcome you to what will no doubt be an exciting adventure for all who visit!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jacqueline Rinker


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